The Toddler and the Fluffy Cats

This blog post was going to be on the fear of uncertainty. I have it drafted up in my notebook, primed to go. But then the world started to creak under the weight of this latest, alarming crisis, and I couldn’t decide whether unleashing my musings would be grossly irresponsible or particularly pertinent. Ironically, I was struck by uncertainty. So I decided to leave it in the archives for the time being.

Instead, I’d like to tell you a little story. After all, the world needs stories in times like these. Continue reading “The Toddler and the Fluffy Cats”

Thoughts on ‘Control’: What’s Wrong With a Little Destruction?

I dodge out of the way of a hissing rocket-propelled grenade. Just in the nick of time. It detonates on the wall behind me, sending a fountain of rubble crashing into the room. I use telekinesis to grab one of the boulders, and hurl it back from whence it came. It smashes through office desks, sends plastic chairs jigging into the air, before ploughing through the infected sod who tries to introduce explosives to my face. He doesn’t even slow the masonry down; it careers into the panelled walling behind, sending wood splinters blossoming into the room, and sending an idyllic landscape painting tumbling to the floor.

This is Control. It’s just as fun as it sounds.Continue reading “Thoughts on ‘Control’: What’s Wrong With a Little Destruction?”

Resistance, and My Ongoing, Harebrained Attempts to Beat It

Hello, my name’s Tom, and I have a problem. Okay, I’ve got a fair few of them, but there’s one in particular I’d like to focus on here: I struggle greatly to finish my own creative projects.Continue reading “Resistance, and My Ongoing, Harebrained Attempts to Beat It”

New Year’s Irresolutions

We shouldn’t need the beginning of a new calendar year as motivation to get our lives in order. It’s not like we only realise that we’ve been neglecting trying new things, ditching that unsatisfying job, or getting in shape, as the minute and hour hands snap to attention on New Year’s Eve. If we’re honest with ourselves, these things occupy our minds all year round.Continue reading “New Year’s Irresolutions”