The Toddler and the Fluffy Cats

This blog post was going to be on the fear of uncertainty. I have it drafted up in my notebook, primed to go. But then the world started to creak under the weight of this latest, alarming crisis, and I couldn’t decide whether unleashing my musings would be grossly irresponsible or particularly pertinent. Ironically, IContinue reading “The Toddler and the Fluffy Cats”

In Someone Else’s Shoes

Do you commute into work on the train? If not, you should do. It really is an eye-opening experience: the rush-hour train is a microcosm of contemporary society. The other day, the morning train I usually catch was cancelled. This in itself isn’t a rare event. More unusually, every subsequent train in both directions wasContinue reading “In Someone Else’s Shoes”